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In Memorium
Princess Diana 1961-1997

Di's Heaven

From all around the world
Our hearts go out to you
That in death you might have
The peace, the love, the happiness
You did not find in life.

Yet we do not gloat;
We do not look and stare.
We offer instead our hearts
As a canopy, a veil, a shield
To protect you from the glare
Of cameras that would undress,
Even rape and murder your every
Private moment of family life.

There was so much you gave us.
Now let us each return
A bit of that hope, that faith, that love
Which you expressed so unselfishly,
That in this tiny way something
Marvelous and magical might come
Out of the tragidy of your
Departure from this world
Oh so soon, oh so too soon.

For though you are gone you have not left
Our hearts, our minds, our souls,
But will remain always
To warm, to comfort, to enlighten
All whom pass this way
And come to know that deepest touch
Which is your love multiplied
Through eternity!

For Diana and her children
Tal Lynch
Sept. 6, 1997

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Diana We Love You!

Is anyone listening?

Her memory is etched in our minds
Yet what have we done since she
So suddenly left to make our world
A better place for our children and grandchildren? Have we bought any fewer tabloids?
Have we killed any fewer children
Around the world with land mines?
Have we made any peace
With our neighbors who seek
To destroy us with bombs
And hijacked airplanes flown
Into buildings?
Have we made the world more safe
For democracy? For the Jews?
For the Moslems?
For the millions of babies that die
Even before they are born?
What have we done to stop
The rape of Mother Earth
By giant corporations which
Scar the landscape with dumps
Of chemical and biological wastes?
Have we done anything at all
To make the world a better place.
Or just cried and whined
And sat on our rumps?
Di is dead but we are alive!
Everyone who loves her is alive!
We can make a difference together!
Not by lamenting forever her loss,
But by working through her spirit
To make children smile and bring
Happiness and hope unto all who are without!
Is anyone listening?
Anyone at all ...?

8 Sept. 2001

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