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Jade, 84 in people years, died of natural causes 12 Feb., 2009

Bahnbrecher Jade von Talhaus. This is the last photo every taken of Jade. He was resting in his yard, always on constant guard, extremely alert and aware of everything around him. Jade was a great dog and a very loyal companion! He will be sorely missed. Jade died at 3:20 AM on 12 Feb. 2009 from natural causes. He would have been 12 years old on March 6th. He lived a good life and was a loyal companion to the very end. I loved Jade very much. He did not suffer and has gone to that great dog house in the sky. I petted and kissed him goodbye and buried him in the backyard close to where this last photo of Jade was taken.

Jade served as "The most illustrious guide dog in cyberspace" for 12 years, helping to guide canine lovers around the Internet and provide help and informations to many people. With the loss of Jade, Project K-9 needs a new mascot. If you would like to donate a GSD puppy to serve as the next Project K-9 mascot please contact Terry. Your puppy will have a very good home with a large fenced yard and master who if very familiar with German Shephards, who knows how to train dogs and treat them with humanely with love and affection. You and your kennel is guranteed to get much good publicity, recognition and traffic if you donate an AKC German Shepherd to Project K-9.

Donate a GSD to Project K-9. Contact Terry. You will receive a tax credit equal to the declared value of the dog you donate. To qualify, a puppy must have full AKC registration, be over 8 weeks old, have a good temperament, have all vacinations and be vet checked to be free of worms or other diseases, and show potential to accelerate in obedience training to serve as a working dog around children, the elderly or incapacitated.

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All Good Dogs Go To Heaven!

You may send your condolences to Terry and read a few of those others have sent on Jade's homepage.

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Stop BSL (Breed Specific Legislation)

Please help stop BSL (Breed Specific Legislation). Watch these BSL music videos and then take action to help. Voice you opinion to those legislators who are considering BSL and if BSL has been proposed in your area or community, please organize and conduct a protest. It is NOT dogs which are the problem; it is foolish and ignorant people! Unfortuantely there is no ISL (idiot specific legislation) to ban corrupt legislators, judges and politicians who will latch on to any emotional, fear fed cause and run with it just so they can remain in power and control and reap the profits of their public office. Sadly this ethic, is now happening to our elderly as well as specific breeds of dogs! What is needed is enforcement of laws which ban cruelty to animals and to not allow people who abuse or exploit animals, who use animals in a cruel and exploitative manner, such as in dog fighting, for profit. It is the people who are cruel and inhumane that are the problem, not the dogs!

I'm Sorry: A BSL music slide video presentation by www.sorryagain.com

Don't Cry Tonight: A BSL music slide video presentation by nikraye

Forget the World: A BSL music slide video presentation by CallieLudacrisBandit

Pit Bulls - Dog Problem or Human Problem: I Won't Be Ignored lilrider

Breed Specific Laws updated full Version by halospirit

Red Alert! Boycott Made In China

Alert! Rat poison has been found in pet food which have ingredients made in China. Please watch this video and check your dog and cat food and remove any of the recalled brand named products.

The usage of insecticides, herbicides and other poisonous chemical substances is not regulated in communist China. Nor is the ingredience of pet food regulated by the FDA. Hence there is great danger that our cats and dogs are being poisoned by food that contains not only rat poison but other toxins and carcenogines. This may explain why lymphoa cases in dog and cats have been on the rise.

Please, join the boycott of all products made in China, especially products made with animal fur and canine byproducts! Urge that legislation be adopted which will safe guard our dogs and cats from tainted products made in China. Unless this is done now, more dogs and cats will probably die in the future because of this problem.

This is a vital issue for all pet owners. We should be making pet food using products that are EQUALLY SAFE FOR BOTH PETS AND HUMANS! What if a baby accidently eats some pet food contaminated with rat poison or other harmful chemical agents? It is simply not acceptable to be permitting pet food to be made using unsafe products made in China. This is a classic example of how big corporations have moved their production to China to avoid regulated industries and exploit people and their pets in the process. It needs to stop!

This requires that all pet owners join the general boycott of products made in China! Contaminated pet foods have already killed many cats and dogs in America. How many more innocent pets must die before Americans will stand up to big corporations and say STOP THE KILLING! Please consider this issue seriously and boycott China!

Join the Boycott of China

Red alert! Everyone is being asked to boycott made in China products to protest the killing of over 50,000 dogs in Red China by order of communist government officials! Please join the international movement to boycott everything made in China!

Click on pic to learn about international boycott of Made In China
Boycott Made In China Products to protest killing of over 50,000 dogs in Red China in July, 2006

Sources say that Red China may have plans to kill over 500,000 dogs in the near future as they have done such culling in the past (in 2003 over 170,000 dogs were killed). The World Health Organization and ASPCA have both issued position papers against usage of such culling methods as ineffective in control of rabies which can only be effectively controlled through a vaccination program. But unless everyone takes action to boycott made in China products this may never stop! Take a stand today! Join the movement to boycott products made in China! All dog lovers please read Dog Is God Spelled Backwards and take a stand against the senseless and cruel killing of dogs in China!

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K9 Paw print Christmas tree mosaic is featured upon greeting cards, T-shirts and other apparel

God Bless All Creatures Great & Small. K9 Paw print mosaic creates a red and green Christmas tree designs and is featured upon greeting cards, T-shirts and other apparel

K9 Paw print Christmas tree mosaic is featured upon greeting cards, T-shirts and other apparel

K9 Paw print Christmas tree mosaic is featured upon greeting cards, T-shirts and other apparel

Say “Merry Christmas” with K9PAW prints modeled by Jade (pronounced “Ya-dah”), a jet black German Shepherd, who’s paw prints are spreading holiday cheer and season’s greetings over the Internet.

Jade’s master, Terry Lynch, is a graphic artist and designer. He made paw prints of Jade and started putting them on Christmas cards, ornament, T-shirts and other items available on line through the Petporium at

K9 Paw print mosaic creates a red and green Christmas season boarder for heart designs featured upon greeting cards, T-shirts and other apparel

K9 Paw print mosaic creates a red and green Christmas season boarder for heart designs and is featured upon greeting cards, T-shirts and other apparel

Jade’s paw prints are featured upon K-9 rescue and service dog designs, “The Canine Blessing” and even a Christmas tree made out of a mosaic of red and green paws! These attractive Yule Tide and other paw designs may be used as fund raisers by humane societies, dog clubs, churches or others interested in helping homeless animals.

K9 Paw print mosaic creates a red and green Christmas season mosaic for designs featured upon greeting cards, T-shirts and other apparel

K9 Paw print mosaic creates a red and green Christmas season mosaic designs and is featured upon greeting cards, T-shirts and other apparel

Jade has also been serving as a guide dog in cyberspace since he was a puppy. As the mascot for Project K9, an all breed on line dog club, Jade has helped guide thousands of people through the Internet to find pet care, training, educational and other canine services information.

The Canine Blessing

The Canine Blessing is the perfect accent for every dog lover's home

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Contact: Terry Lynch

New K9Paw Designs

A new series of K-9 designs entitled "K9Paws" has been released by Project K9 featuring the Project K9 paw logo which was made from a fine ink drawing of a canine paw by master artist/illustrator Terry Lynch to symbolize all breeds of dogs. Over 124 new K9Paws designs have been created in order to promote all breeds and aspects of canine work, duty and service. Also many humorous and amusing designs and slogans have been created to promote all breeds of dogs and their good relationships with guardian human companions. Plus a series of colorful paw designs have been made to use to raise awareness or funds for your favorite charity or good cause. Please help support Project K9 by buying merchandise which features K9Paw designs. Thank you for your patronage!

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Great dogs aren't born, they're bred!

Champion A Cause

K9 PAW designs are a great way to champion a cause, raise awareness and raise funds for your favorite charity, group or organization. The idea is to empower everyone to change the world and make it a better place. Dogs and humans have always enjoyed a special bond of service and duty; this bond involves a special mutual relationship characterized by trust, devotion, courage and love. Those people who love animals may work together to champion good causes and make the world a better place. Toward this end K9 PAW designs have been created to enable everyone who love animals to have a way to raise awareness and funds to champion their favorite good cause.

Champion a cause! Stomp out disease, prejudice, ignorance, etc.!
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There are many ways that K9PAW designs may be used. Just wearing or displaying the design items helps raise awareness for that good cause you wish to promote. Individuals, groups and organizations may also buy K9PAW merchandise in bulk, sell it to raise funds or even auction off items to raise funds for their favorite charity or cause. This is a way everyone who is a canine lover can be empowered to change the world and make it a better place. The idea is to use that bond between canines and humanity, embodied by those values of trust, devotion, courage and love, to bring about change. What better way to enable this than by usage of the symbology reflected in colorful and graphic paw designs! If those values which bring humanity and canines to enjoy such a great relationship can be extended and targeted toward other good causes, then the good work that can be done is enormous! We can stomp out diseases, ignornace, prejudice, etc., and bring the world to be a better place for everyone!

Toward this end I would like to encourage everyone to embrace K9 PAW designs and membership in Project K9, such that all members may use these designs to promote good work and good causes. Project K9 is thus not just a all breed club concerned with canines, but an organization which is concerned with all aspects of humanity, such that symbolically the bond between humans and canines can work to make the world a better place in every way possible!

New K9PAW designs and slogans will be added to the K9Paws design series regularly. If you have a slogan you would like to see featured please contact the artist, Terry Lynch.

Noah's Ark Legislation

Noah's Ark Legislation would prevent discrimination against pet owners and adopt a policy that no pet nor human be left behind!

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated" Gandhi (1869-1948)

In the aftermath of hurrican Katrina there have been thousands of lost, abandoned and neglected pets, many of which are dogs.

In at least one case a young boy had his dog, Snowball, forceably taken away from him by police officers. The dog had already been rescued by family members, survived hurricane Katrina and the terrible conditions of the Superdome, only to be left for dead by police and authorities who had adopted a No Pets Allowed police with respect to evacuating pets.

What is needed is Noah's Ark Legislation that no pet nor person be left behind during an evacuation. There needs to be a federal law that states no pet nor person shall be left behind during an evacuation, that pet owners will not be discriminated against and/or made to part with their pets; that pet owners must be given the same access to public and private accomadations as non-pet owners.

I urge everyone to contact their congressional representatives and urge that Noah's Ark Legislation be passed, that this be made the law of the land! It is high time that the civil rights of pet owers receive the same protection as those of other minority groups.

The reason pets, especially dogs, were not included in the evacuation of New Orleans had nothing to do with having to make a choice between people or animals. It was just some brilliant idiot's idea to adopt a No Pets Allowed policy. Perhaps someone did not want the clean, bright and shiney buses to be soiled. Perhaps the operators of the Astrodome or other shelters were worried dogs and cats would make a mess. Whatever the reason it represents ignorance, prejudice and discrimination toward and against pet owners, especially dog owners.

Leaving pets, especially most loved dogs and cats, behind in an evacuation to starve, drwond or die a cruel death, is a form of cruelty to animals imposed upon people by FEMA, the police and other agency personnel who have adopted a No Pets Allowed policy. There needs to be Noah's Ark Legislation that makes it a crime to neglect and abandone animals, to separate owners from their animals. The policy in force should be to leave no animal or human behind; to rescue pets and pet owners; to never separate a responsible pet owner from its most loved pet and to provide equal access, treatment and care for all pet owners and their pets.

The origin of "No Pets Allowed" policies stems from such Islamic fundamentalist beliefs that pets, especially dogs, are filthy animals. Also many Christian religions teach that man is superior to animals, that man was made in God's image, that therefore man has a soul and is somehow superior to animals. This idea ultimately results in carnage upon animals and is one of the primary reasons in the United States, Europe and other largely Christian countries animals are viewed as property that can be treated inhumainly, abandoned and disposed of without a second thought or what would amount to a fair trial and reasonable consideration.

The horrible state of affair in New Orleans in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina is a prime example of why Noah's Ark Legislation is needed to insure that never again will pets be left behind in an evacuation or pet owners be denied equal access to public and private facilities. All government contractors who provide food, shelter or other services for people should be required to provide equal services to pet owners without discrimination. Noah's Ark Legislation would prohibit the discrimination agaist people who own pets and require that service providers provide accommadations for pet owners.

Now is the time when pet owners everywhere should ban together, should unite and insist that our representatives in both Washington and at state and local government adopt Noah's Ark Legislation. Such legislation to protect the rights of pet owners, to outlaw "No Pets Allowed" policies as a form of discrimination, is long over due.

Of course it may take time to get Noah's Ark Legislation on the books. In the mean time New Orleans has been flooded and has become a virtual ghost town with many abandoned dogs, cats and other animals which will starve, drown or die without immediate emergency assistence. This does not mean rounding up the animals and killing them; it means rescuing the animals, finding their owners, reuniting pets with their owners and/or finding new owners or foster homes for the animals while their former owners reestablish their lives.

If you want to help you may contact any of the organizations listed below.

Noah's Wish  


Puppy Mill Rescue

Katrina Found Pets

The following articles have been reprinted for informational and educatonal purposes:  

Evacuees Distraught Over Lost Pets


ATLANTA (Sept. 5) - As Valerie Bennett was evacuated from a New Orleans hospital, rescuers told her there was no room in the boat for her dogs. She pleaded. "I offered him my wedding ring and my mom's wedding ring," the 34-year-old nurse recalled Saturday. They wouldn't budge. She and her husband could bring only one item, and they already had a plastic tub containing the medicines her husband, a liver transplant recipient, needed to survive.

Such emotional scenes were repeated perhaps thousands of times along the Gulf Coast last week as pet owners were forced to abandon their animals in the midst of evacuation.

In one example reported last week by The Associated Press, a police officer took a dog from one little boy waiting to get on a bus in New Orleans. "Snowball! Snowball!" the boy cried until he vomited. The policeman told a reporter he didn't know what would happen to the dog.

At the hospital, a doctor euthanized some animals at the request of their owners, who feared they would be abandoned and starve to death. He set up a small gas chamber out of a plastic-wrapped dog kennel.

"The bigger dogs were fighting it. Fighting the gas. It took them longer. When I saw that, I said 'I can't do it,'" said Bennett's husband, Lorne.

Valerie Bennett left her dogs with the anesthesiologist, who promised to care for about 30 staff members' pets on the roof of the hospital, Lindy Boggs Medical Center.

"He said he'd stay there as long as he possibly could," Valerie Bennett recalled, speaking from her husband's bedside at Atlanta's Emory University Hospital.

On Saturday afternoon, she said she saw a posting on a Web site called petfinder.com that said the anesthesiologist was still caring for the animals.

Louisiana State Treasurer John Kennedy, who was helping with relief efforts Saturday, said some evacuees refused to leave without their pets.

"One woman told me 'I've lost my house, my job, my car and I am not turning my dog loose to starve,'" Kennedy said.

Kennedy said he persuaded refugees to get on the bus by telling them he would have the animals taken to an exhibition center.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals picked up two cats and 15 dogs, including one Kennedy found tied up beneath the overpass next to an unopened can of dog food with a sign that read "Please take care of my dog, his name is Chucky."

The fate of pets is a huge but underappreciated cause of anguish for storm survivors, said Richard Garfield, professor of international clinical nursing at New York's Columbia University.

"People in shelters are worried about 'Did Fluffy get out?'" he said. "It's very distressing for people, wondering if their pets are isolated or starving."

The Bennetts had four animals, including two beloved dogs.

They moved to Slidell, La., in July when Valerie took a job at an organ transplant institute connected to Lindy Boggs. Lorne, a former paramedic, is disabled since undergoing a liver transplant in 2001.

On Saturday, as Hurricane Katrina approached, both went to the hospital to help and took all four animals with them.

They fed their guinea pig and left it in its cage in a patient room. They couldn't refill its empty water bottle because the hospital's plumbing failed Sunday, they said. They poured food on the floor for the cat, but again no water.

"I just hope that they forgive me," Valerie Bennett cried.

*** END ***

Sad Story of Little Boy and His Dog Grips Country


NEW ORLEANS (Sept. 6) - Among the thousands of crushing moments from last week's deadly hurricane, one image brought the anguish home to many: a tearful little boy torn from his dog while being shuttled to safety.

It tugged at the heartstrings, prompting an outpouring from around the country of people on the hunt for both the boy and his dog Snowball in hopes of a reunion.

They've been scouring shelters, posting notes on the Internet and making phone calls to track them down. One woman set up a Web site to help people pair up pets with their owners. Another set up a reward to encourage someone to come forward with information on Snowball's or the boy's whereabouts.

"Everyone wants to know about Snowball," said Laura Maloney, executive director of the Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

The boy was among the thousands who ended up sheltered at the Superdome after the hurricane. But when he went to board a bus to be evacuated to Houston, a police officer took the dog away. The boy cried out - "Snowball! Snowball!" - then vomited in distress. Authorities say they don't know where the boy or his family ended up.

It was almost too much for Jean Jones to bear.

The 56-year-old woman from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., runs puppymillrescue.com and launched another site, katrinafoundpets.com, to help pair Snowball and other lost pets with their owners. She also started a reward fund - which hit $1,775 as of Monday - hoping money might persuade people to help out.

Billie Sue Bruce, a 65-year-old retired teacher in Jonesville, Va., was the first to donate, giving $500. "The child has been through so much already," she said. "Then to just add to this emotional state is unforgivable."

Late Monday, there was a ray of hope. The United Animal Nations said Snowball was safe, citing news from the state veterinarian's office. However, the information could not be immediately verified. To complicate matters further, the group called Snowball a terrier mix, while others consider the dog a bichon frise.

If the boy and his dog are indeed safe, they have beaten long odds.

Many of the animals - dogs, cats, ferrets and birds - that police collected at the Superdome were herded into a stairwell until the human evacuation was complete. Of the 50 animals rescued from the Superdome on Sunday, not all of them survived.

In Texas, refugees unable to care for their dogs and cats are handing them over to animal shelters already crowded with animals evacuated before the hurricane.

At the Humane Society of North Texas in Fort Worth on Monday, Antoinette Simmons and Wilson Clark dropped off their 7-year-old shi tzu. Staying in a Fort Worth hotel, the couple is unsure when they will be able to take Princess back home.

More than 600 displaced pets remain in Houston. Hundreds more fill kennels and cages in Dallas and around the state. Shelters try to arrange foster homes for pets, and many families have volunteered.

"I've been doing this type of work for 26 years and I've never seen this type of outpouring," said SPCA of Texas president James Bias, who shuttled 30 cats in his van from Houston to Dallas last week.

In Mississippi, many pets were either left to fend for themselves in the powerful winds or trapped in flooding cages as owners fled. Others survived, only to die after days without food and water.

Seventeen dogs and six cats died at the Humane Society of South Mississippi shelter in Gulfport. About 125 survived, many of them dog-paddling for hours until the mix of mud and sewage receded.

The national Humane Society chapter came in Friday and retrieved the survivors, trucking them to shelters further north, said Julie Parks, the assistant director of the Gulfport facility.

"We had dogs that swam the entire time in 4 feet of water and survived," said Parks. "Even cats were in about 8 to 9 inches of water in the upper cages and they swam and survived, too.

Just like everybody else, they're survivors.

"Reuniting Snowball and his owner will require work, patience and luck.

Volunteers planned to make visits to shelters in the Houston area looking for the dog's owners. They were considering walking around carrying signs with Snowball's photo.

"I don't know how hopeful I am," Jones said. "They probably don't know anything about this - that there's a reward out there and we're trying to look for them.

"Associated Press writers Paul J. Weber in Dallas and Brian Skoloff in Waveland, Miss., contributed to this report.09-06-05 03:15 EDTCopyright 2005 The Associated Press. The information contained in the AP news report may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or otherwise distributed without the prior written authority of The Associated Press. The above article was reprinted via AOL for distribution to its members of which Project K9 is an affiliate.

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There are millions of homeless animals. People just are not doing enough to rescue homeless animals. As a consequence humane societies kill many dogs, cats and other animals. These homeless animals could be contributing to the health, happiness and joy of many people, but they go unwanted and unloved. You can make a difference. If you have the means to care for a dog or cat, please adopt a homeless animal today. Or make a contribution to help homelss animals!

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Alert! Polypropylene rope can be hazardous to canines!

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Figure 1. Polypropylene rope may be hazardous to canines.
Note long monofilaments "A" in frayed end of rope. This section of rope came with an aluminum ladder and was replaced with a better quality 100% nylon rope. Inset "B" is a photomicrograph showing the thick, hard monofilaments which can cause blockage and tissue abrasion when ingested.

Polypropylene rope, the type advertised as "floating" rope, often used in swimming pools, marine environments or on outdoor equipment such as in pulley systems used to raise ladders, may be hazardous to canines. This type of rope contains hard, inflexible monofilaments that if chewed and injested by canines may be abrasive and cause blockage and tissue damage to canines. Such rope or rope which contains polypropylene is NOT recommended for usage in homes which contain canines. It is strongly recommended that all such polypropylene rope be disposed of and replace with 100% nylon rope. Although any type of plastic can not be digested if accidently eaten by dogs, popypropylene rope is extremely hazardous due to its hard, inflexible, abrasive nature. Dogs have been killed by accidently chewing upon this type of rope and all canine owners would be wise to purge their homes of this type of rope. For more information see Fighting the plastic monster: how to protect your canine companion from biohazardous plastic and dangerous indigestible synthetic products.

ADDENDUM: Actually injestion of any type or rope, even rope made from hemp or rags, or any type of fabric, synthetic or natural, can cause blockage of the digestive track. Therefore toys which have fabric or rope should NOT EVER BE LEFT DOWN where your canine companion can get access to them when unsupervised! Toys with rope may be dangerous to your canine and should be picked up and stored away, out of reach of dogs and only used to play with your dog when supervised. If you notice you dog chewing upon its rope tug or toy, that is a good sign fabric is being injested and these toys should be removed and not given to your dog. Subsitute safe chew toys, like Kong toys, with treats inside them, instead of rope toys.

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Bahnbrecher Jade von Talhaus
Bahnbrecher Jade von Talhaus
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I Love German Shepherds, Bahnbrecher Jade von Talhaus
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I Love German Shepherds, Bahnbrecher Jade von Talhaus
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Special Feature
World Trade Center attack act of war
America and freedom shall prevail!

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K-9 Heroes - Remember 9/11/2001 - Support America
Our canine companion working dogs serve in search and rescue, bomb sniffing, patrol and sentry duty and many other dangerous tasks. They are our heros and with us will help win the war on terrorism. Many members of the Islamic fundamentalist faith regard canines as "filthy animals" or "untouchable beasts." This superstition along with the idea that America is the "great Satan" are ideologies we must combat in our endeavor to win the war on terrorism. By honoring our K-9 heroes, remembering 9-11-2001 and displaying the American flag to Support America, we all can help dispel myths about our great nation and win the ideological war on terrorism.

We will never forget!

In this time of national tragedy all patriotic Americans must unite in spirit and duty, that our great nation shall be preserved in all its glory and majesty, not to be terrorized by the cowards and ungodly agents of death and destruction which have struck at the World Trade Center twin towers, the Pentagon and the very heart of America.

Our goal as Americans should and shall be to bring to justice those responsible for the tragedy brought on this day of infamy by those who serve the sick and perverted cause of terrorism which have no moral basis or grounds for their horrific crimes against humanity.

Our great nation has been attacked by terrorists and our first response should be to give aid, assistance and moral support to those who have suffered loss of life and injury both to themselves and their loved ones.

Next we must restore what has been lost in such a manner that never again will terrorists be able to attack our people and our homeland through vulnerabilities presented by infrastructure, free trade, travel or commerce.

Not only must we hunt down and punish those who have attacked America, we must destroy them, their networks, their advocates and those who would harbor them, that no corner of the world shall be safe to terrorists. Yet in our endeavor to bring justice we must act with honor and resolve, to not hurt or harm innocent people or serve the cause of terrorists to disrupt the world order.

Our nation shall remain free and our freedom shall reach out and touch the world, that in consequence not only shall America be made more free and secure, but the world shall be made safe for democracy, now and for all time.

Prepared by
Terry Lynch, President and Founder
American Patriots Association, Inc.
11 Sept. 2001

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