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In Memorium Ruby von Bremerhaven

Project K-9: Guide to Canine Web Sites

Project K9 was founded after Ruby von Bremerhaven, a four-and-a-half year old German Shepherd died of lymphoma on August 7, 1996. The purpose of Project K9 is to help other dog lovers provide better health, care, training and welfare for their canine companions. Through this endeavor better lives for canines and their guardians may be achieved.


Jade has safely guided: canine lovers to this site

Special Feature: Safe Auto Canine Transport

-- This article explains how to construct a safe and secure platform for transporting your canine via van. Also are tips and suggestions for how to safely travel with you dog. The article is illustrated to show how to properly secure travel crates inside your van.

Table of Contents

Purposes and Founding Principles

The purpose of Project K-9 is to provide information about dogs to people who love dogs. Toward this end Project K-9 will help link dog lovers with businesses and services, educational institutions and other resources related to canines. Project K-9 will try to provide information which will help all dog lovers regardless of breed. So everyone who loves dogs is equally welcome.

Project K-9 was established in memory of one very special dog, Ruby von Bremerhaven. Ruby died on August 7, 1996 as a result of lumphosarcoma. This very deadly form of cancer attacks the lymphatic system of dogs. It is just one of many very deadly diseases which can kill dogs. Project K-9 is designed to help provide dog owners with information and links to sites that can give them all the information they need to understand, prevent, treat and hopefully cure canine related diseases.

For many canine diseases there is no cure. But that does not mean there is no hope. People can do much by networking and sharing information. Through services such as Project K-9 it is hoped to improve the quality of dog's lives and hence the quality of dog lovers lives.

Support Project K-9

List Your Canine Related Business/Service

Businesses, services, breeders and other canine related establishments may help support Project K-9 by having their web site, e-mail address or other advertising listed on the Project K-9 web site (this and related linked pages). Special advertising banners may be designed or incorporated into linked pages. If you want to advertise on any Project K9 page contact: Project K9.


-- If you have a non-profit, non-commercial canine web site, you may link to and list your site for FREE with Project K9. You may list your canine web site via the Fetch It Banner Exchange Program.

Enjoy These Canine Sites

I hope you enjoyed your visit to Project K-9. As you go along your way check out these other dog sites. Don't forget to tell everyone along the way about Project K-9. Come back soon! Er-er-wolf! Er-er-wolfff! (That was my dog Ruby barking from her grave. She said remember to hug your dog today!)

Major Academic Resources

  • Web Resources & Academia -- Web Resources and Academia links to major American Universities and Colleges, Canadian Universities and Colleges, Federal Express, UPS, AMA, Natonal Science Foundation, Natonal Institutes of Health, Harvard Biosciences, and other major educational databases and search engines. This is a particularly goo starting point if you need to do any biomedical research or mail a tissue sample.

  • VetNet -- VetNet is a direct link to every veterinary school and college in the United States and Canada. If you need technical information on dogs, cats, horses or other animals, this is the place to find it!

  • Auburn University School of Veterinary Medicine -- Auburn University Vet Med School where they are doing research to try to discover just how a dog's nose works. Sniff it out!

Great Dog Sites And Resources

Dog Breeders

If you breed dogs you are invited to post a listing in this area. See current advertising rates. Contact Project K9. Thank you for your support.

Bahnbrecher Old Style German Shepherds

Bahnbrecher Jade von Talhaus (c) 1997 by T.A. Lynch

This is a puppy photograph of Bahnbrecher Jade von Talhaus. Jade was breed by Lynda Montgomery of Scottsdale, Arizona and owned by Terry Lynch who also took this photograph. Lynda and her assoicates have been breeding a narrow blood line of GSD for over three decades. In 1997 Lynda said, "I have been a breeder for 11 years, and my associates nearly 30 years. We are a small group dedicated to German Shepherds as they wer twenty years ago -- magnificent old style dogs, mentally and physically sound, extreme neither in angulation, build or temperament. Our dogs are based on CH. Caralon's Hein vd Lo Ckenheim CD ROM OFA, a beautiful dog known for producing excellence in health and temperament. We have much better than average success rate with avoiding genetic diseases, hip dysplasia, spondylosis, heart trouble, enzyme deficiencies, allergies, thyroid imbalance and other diseases. We also do in-depth temperament testing and look specifically at such traits as dominance, trainability, intelligence, noise-shyness, sociability, confidence, aggression (what kind and how much selecting for natural protection and territoriality, but frowning on prey drive as it is more difficult to control). Our dogs can be excellent workers and still possess natural good manners and common sense. We use our dogs with REACH, Restoring and Extending Ability with Canine Helpers, so they have to be sound." For additional information contact Lynda Montgomery of Bahnbrecher Old Style German Shepherds at:


Free listing courtesy of Project K9

Dog Clubs

This is a special invitation for you to list your dog club web site. Project K9 will list the e-mail address, URL, or other information about your dog club for FREE via the Fetch It Banner Exchange Program.

Pennsylvania Federation of Dog Clubs -- promotes responsible dog ownership by coordinating the efforts of member dog clubs

-- Listing of not-for-profit dog clubs are now featured in the Fetch It Banner Exchange. Our old dog club list is archived at: Dog Clubs List

New K9Paws Designs

A new series of K-9 designs entitled "K9Paws" has been released by Project K9 featuring a drawing of nine paws by master artist/illustrator Terry Lynch to symbolize all breeds of dogs.

Click on pic to see additional designs and slogans featuring the K9Paws design
Great dogs aren't born, they're bred!

New designs and slogans will be added to the K9Paws design series regularly. If you have a slogan you would like to see featured please contact the artist, Terry Lynch.

Special Feature

Project K-9 is an online educational and information resource for dog fanciers dedicated to the health, happiness and well being of dogs, their owners and families. Project K-9 is dedicated to the memory of Ruby von Bremerhaven, a German Shepherd owned by Terry Lynch. Ruby died August 7, 1996 as a result of lymphosarcoma. Ruby's veternarian left town to attend a retreat and Ruby died in Terry's arms after being nursed and cared for dearly to make her last moments as painless as possible.

After Ruby died, Terry resolved to help prevent this type of thing (being left in the dark while one's vet is at a retreat) from happening to others in the future by working to provide the community with information and resources related to pet care. Terry figured that if his vet is going to leave town when a dog is dying, then it's up to him to know where all the answers to all the questions are. Hence Project K-9 was established and presents links to all the Veterinary Colleges and Universities in the USA and Canada -- plus additional dog related web sites.

After Ruby died Terry started Project K-9 as a labor of love. As part of Project K-9, Terry will be working to provide information to dog lovers through this Internet link and other means. If you want to help check out how you can support Project K9.

Articles, Letters and Files Wanted!

You may now immediately post and publish canine related articles in the Canine Library. This is an archive designed to grow as everyone regularly adds new articles that are published upon the World Wide Web. If you are a writer or have information about dogs that is published upon the WWW, please add a link to the article in the Canine Library

We need any articles about all aspects of canines including: new canine products, canine health care, canine genetics, canine diseases, flea, tick, and mite control, breeding techniques and procedures, canine allergies, training techniques, canine behavior and any other canine related articles. So if you have a canine related article please add it to the Canine Library.

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A special THANK YOU goes out to everyone who contributed links, banners, information, encouragement or others forms of help and support in the production of this site! Plus I'd like to thank my dog JADE for helping by patiently waiting for the "Good Bye!" to sound that I was done before coming to remind me that I'd been on the computer far too long! :-) Remember to pet and hug your dog today! TAL

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