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Terry Lynch created Project K-9 after his German Shepherd, Ruby von Bremerhaven died of lymphosarcoma. Project K-9 is designed to be a labor of love to help all dog lovers and their dogs to live a healthy and log life.

Who is Lynch?

Terry Lynch is a graduate of JSU. He enjoys working with computers and for three years was the System Operator of BYTELAND BBS in Montgomery, Alabama. Initially Project K-9 was established as a forum on BYTELAND BBS. Then Project K-9 went nationwide with the creation of a web site on the Internet.

Other Interests

Besides being a dog fancier, Lynch enjoys art, poetry and science fiction. Lynch dabbles in poetry, essays and the lost art of writing love letters. Lynch is a Sagittarius, a single man with a bow and arrow. The arrows are words shot into the dark of cyberspace to stimulate the mind and spark the imagination. Lynch considers himself a CyberNaut, that new breed of explorers adventuring through cyberspace with words and images. He enjoys imagineering, the construction and synthesis of new ideas from bits and pieces of existing ideas. After all, that is what makes the world move forward and keeps us from falling back into the dark ages. Lynch is also very much a humanitarian in that he enjoys helping people and animals. He is one of those special people who loves dogs and believes that there is no greater calling in life that to help people and their dogs (or pets).

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Appearently there are many other Terry Lynch's on the Internet. Recently I got over 21,000 hits on Yahoo searching this string. So please don't confuse me with other Lynch's. There are many, many other people with the name "Lynch" in the world. We are a big klan with over 228,000 sites on the Internet! Appearently I'm not the only one named Terry Lynch :-)

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